Crazy! Butterfly Nebula now has wings! NASA Reveals Mystery

Butterfly Nebula now has wings – The mystery of the Butterfly Nebula’s wings was revealed by a recent NASA research. Notably, this nebula differs from the majority of nebulae in that it is not circular.

Butterfly Nebula now has wings
Butterfly Nebula now has wings (Credit – Nasa)

With its astounding photographs of things discovered in outer space, NASA has astounded and astonished the public. Whatever the heavenly objects depicted in these images—stars, planets, the Sun, galaxies, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies—they were all beautiful. Astonishing imagery of the rare butterfly-winged nebula NGC 6302 has just been released by NASA.

You did read that correctly. Only a small number of nebulae, known as “Butterfly Nebulas,” have an hourglass- or wing-like appearance; the majority of nebulae are essentially circular in shape. However, what provided this Butterfly Nebula with wings? NASA discloses the incredible phenomenon’s secret.

Why the Butterfly Nebula developed wings

Importantly, the wings are created by the gravitational pull of a second star orbiting the “parent” star of the nebula, which causes the material to expand into two wings, according to Science Daily. These wings develop throughout time without altering their basic shape.

However, when two photographs taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 2009 and 2020 were compared, astronomers at the University of Washington led the team that discovered significant alterations in the nebula’s wings.

According to the study, “approximately half a dozen “jets” that started around 2,300 years ago and ended about 900 years ago, pushing material out in a sequence of asymmetrical outflows.” Additionally, it claims that the material is travelling in the outer region of the nebula at a blazing 500 miles per second.

In contrast, material closer to the star’s centre is travelling at a speed that is almost a tenth of that speed. Within the wings, the material’s routes converge to produce an intricate structure.

The study also notes that it is difficult to explain the nebula’s multi-polar and rapidly changing internal structure using the current models of planetary nebula generation and evolution.

There is a possibility that the central star of the nebula may have fused with another companion star, exerting material from the star nearby to produce the jets and a complicated magnetic field.

The components that will make up the star systems of the future can be better understood with the aid of this new study and other time-lapse investigations of planetary nebulae.

Additionally, it will clarify how the components of our own oasis were created and gathered billions of years ago, according to the study.

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