For SAR Satellite Imagery Capella Space Raises $60 Million

Capella Space raises $60 million – The United States Innovative Technology Fund has provided $60 million in investment to Capella Space, a company that specialises in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite imaging (USIT).

Capella Space Raises $60 Million
Capella Space Raises $60 Million

The company, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, claims that it will utilise the funding to increase its imaging capacity and create fresh data products based on its SAR imagery and analytics skills. For instance, it provides three new analytics options for detecting vessels, detecting changes, and monitoring global change.

It comes after a $97 million Series C fundraising deal that was headed by NightDragon and preexisting investors DCVC and Cota Capital in April of last year.

The Finnish business ICEYE is a competitor of Capella Space for SAR-based imaging. In the Copernicus Earth observation satellite programme run by the European Space Agency (ESA), for instance, it has signed up to take part.

SAR has the advantage of being able to create high-resolution photographs of specific regions of the Earth both during the day and at night, as well as during cloud cover. They may also “spot collect” data over particular locations as well as gather photos over vast areas (wide-area Scan mode imaging).

The company’s newest satellite technology, “Acadia,” is shown in the image above. To provide higher-quality pictures and quicker order-to-delivery times, Capella says it will be used to expand its current constellation.


Additionally, Capella revealed the addition of three new executives. To oversee future development and growth, Chad Cohen joins Capella Space as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

In order to oversee Capella Space’s IT, network operations, and security operations, the business named Glen Elliott as its new Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Paul Stephen as its new Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO).

Cohen stated that Capella Space will be well-positioned to enter new markets thanks to the cash. “The company is at an important inflection point in its expansion.”

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