Nasa is launch 2nd Attempt Artemis 1 on the moon

Nasa is launch 2nd Attempt Artemis 1 on the moon – After a failed attempt earlier in the week, Nasa will launch its latest moon rocket Saturday.

Initially scheduled for August 29, launch was cancelled due to temperature problems in one of the engines.

Now, Nasa plans to launch Artemis 1 at 7.17pm (BST), the first integrated test of its Space Launch System (SLS), Orion spacecraft and ground systems at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

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This test, which is uncrewed and orbits the moon, will open the door to a crewed flight test and future lunar exploration by humans as part of Artemis.

The US Space Force Space Launch Delta 45 meteorologists predict that there will be 60% of favorable weather conditions during the launch window of two hours.

The Space Launch System (SLS), which stands at 322 feet (98m) tall, will launch the Orion capsule powered by the Airbus-built European Service Module, (ESM) into the orbit of the moon.

The next chapter of human return to the moon is marked by the flight that will transport mannequins and not astronauts.

For subsequent missions, there will be people aboard. The first crewed space flight is scheduled for 2024.

The UK is a part of the Artemis program, contributing to the Lunar Gateway, a space station currently under development by the European Space Agency. It will work alongside the US, Europe and Canada.

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The last time humans reached the moon was 50 years ago. This mission aims to prove that people can travel longer distances and stay on the moon for longer periods of time.

It will also evaluate whether infrastructure can be built around the moon to allow humans to live on another planet.

It will take 37 days, 23 hours and 53 minutes to complete the mission. The total distance covered by the mission is 1.3 million miles.

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