NSTGRO23 NASA STMD (Space Technology Graduate Research)

NASA STMD – On September 2, 2022, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarters (NASA) issued a solicitation titled NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities – Fall 2023 (NSTGRO – Fall 2023). The solicitation is available by opening the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at https://nspires.nasaprs.com.

This fellowship opportunity is called NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunity – Fall 2023 (NSTGRO23). It solicits proposals for individuals who are pursuing (or planning to pursue) master’s (or doctoral) degrees in space technology disciplines at accredited U.S universities.

NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellows are expected to conduct research on their campuses as well as at NASA Centers. The award will pair each recipient with a NASA researcher, who will act as a research collaborator.

Graduate students will have the opportunity to benefit from deeper and more extensive space technology research opportunities that are directly related to academic and professional goals, gain a better understanding of potential end uses of their space technology efforts, as well as directly disseminate the results of their research within the NASA community.

The awards resulting from this competition will be given in the form grants to accredited U.S universities with the faculty advisor serving as the Principal Investigator.

This solicitation is for proposals only; continuation of existing awards will be handled separately.

All proposals must be submitted electronically via NSPIRES by a university Authorized Organizational Representative. Some exceptions may apply. The NSPIRES webpage is linked to the NSTGRO23 solicitation.

You will find detailed submission instructions under “Other documents”. Potential proposers are encouraged to visit the NSPIRES electronic submission system before the proposal due date, to familiarize themselves with its structure and to enter any requested information.

Comments and questions may be addressed by e-mail to the Space Technology Research Grants Program, at dmdheeraj786@gmail.com.

Responses to inquiries will be answered by e-mail and may also be included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document located on the NSPIRES page associated with the solicitation; anonymity of individuals/institutions who submit questions will be preserved.

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