SpaceX is interested in doing business in Air Capital

SpaceX is interested in doing business in Air Capital – Wichita is attempting to diversify its workforce by transforming from the Air Capital to the Space Capital. To make it happen, Senator Jerry Moran (R) of Kansas and SpaceX visited multiple production plants on Tuesday.

SpaceX is interested in doing business in Air Capital
SpaceX is interested in doing business in Air Capital

The Greater Wichita Partnership, SpaceX, and a large crowd gathered at the B-29 Doc Hangar to speak.

The depth of the aerospace industry in Wichita and Kansas, according to Senator Moran, will improve the state’s workforce, supply chain, and economy. He wants SpaceX to be the next enterprise to operate in the Sunflower State.

Senator Moran stated, “Wichita and Kansas must work hard to keep that reputation. Investing in enterprises and industries of the future space is another fantastic proof we can continue to be the air capital of the world. Let’s see if we can contribute to the economic diversification of our state, as well as boost the quantity of defence and space work performed here, he continued.

In order to bring high-speed internet to rural portions of Kansas and the rest of the world, SpaceX is preparing to launch more Starlink satellites into orbit.

Additionally, the business hopes to launch more rockets this year, including Starship.

Gwynne Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, stated that the machine was made of stainless steel and required a lot of machining, metalworking, processing, finishing, and integration work.

Government officials in Kansas and Wichita believe they have the workforce and resources necessary to help SpaceX produce the components for these satellites and rockets.

According to Brandon Whipple, mayor of Wichita, “it diversifies those contracts with our supply chain.”

Pete Meitzner, a Sedgwick County Commissioner, stated, “We used to sometimes get blamed for not having any traffic, having excellent schools, and having a low cost of living, but all of a sudden, that is resonating as we come out of covid, and we are simply in the ideal spot right now.”

Many people are optimistic that this will be the Air Capital of the world’s economic launch.

It’s the ideal addition to the work that people in Kansas perform for a living, according to Senator Moran.

Already in orbit are the Starlink satellites.

By providing high-speed internet to remote places, SpaceX now provides services to around 6,000 Kansans.

In order for rural areas to have access to things like telemedicine, Shotwell said it is crucial to continue this effort and produce the satellites.

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